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March 28, 2018

Engage or Be Forgotten

social media marketing plan

Does your marketing plan include daily posts on social media? Your followers want to hear from you are you still communicating?

Although there is no set number of times to post daily we all know that twice a year is not the right answer. How often should you post in order to maximize interactions with your audience while not annoying?

In order for your marketing to be most effective, you will want to combine the benefits of social media by posting on multiple platforms. Depending on the platform there are different rules or guidelines that you will want to follow.

Facebook – 1 to 2 times per day

Top brands on Facebook post at least once per day. However, some brands and agencies posting up to four times a day with new organic content. If you do have fresh, engagement ready content, you can post multiple times per day. Posting links to blog content or infographics can be a good way to leverage your Facebook account to drive action.


Twitter – 3 times per day

Engagement drops off a bit after the third tweet of the day. But you should look at your own data using twitters analytical tools.


Google+  – 3 times per day.

There is a strong correlation between post frequency and engagement numbers. Try for multiple posts per day with posts similar to some of your other platforms.

LinkedIn – 1 per day

Try to post content similar to a blog. Writing great articles will lead to engagement and sharing within LinkedIn's more professional network.

Instagram – 2 times per day

Two or more is a great goal. Frequent posting and consistency are key to Instagram success. The more appealing your visual, the more likely your success rate. Note here, that unlike other platforms, an increase in the number of posts per day does not typically result in a drop off in engagement ratios.

Blog – 4-5 times per week

Blogging can be your most powerful tool and resource. Try to write great articles that provide unique and helpful information instead of only trying to sell your products. Articles can create new leads and subscribers for months and years when properly written with great SEO. Relevant and "sticky" content can actually gain value over time. Remember to update and change older content in order to continue to yield the full benefits of your "evergreen" content.

YouTube – 1 time per week

If you want to use YouTube effectively you will need to regularly post engaging content. Look at some of the channels you subscribe to for great examples of engaging content. Long breaks between new content releases will annoy users and lead to unsubscribes. Don't abandon your following!


The Long Haul

Don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Most people fail to develop a following because they quit long before those who are successful. To keep making progress you need to keep posting and attracting followers. If you are having trouble coming up with new and engaging content try consulting with a marketing firm who can help you spin old content or develop new material. Remember to be consistent and always provide value to your loyal fans.

4 comments on “Engage or Be Forgotten”

  1. […] Every platform is different. At Reanimate Web we specialize in search, social, email and content marketing. Your business may use other mediums such as print, billboards and radio. Each platform and medium is different so it must be treated differently. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, have different users and demographics. The average user of Facebook is not looking to purchase a product but this is a great way to promote your brand and build a following on your page. Other mediums such as online search can be more effective since users are looking for specific information or products. It’s important to remember that in online selling as with personal selling trust is key. Do all you can to keep your brand’s image high and consistent. Don’t forget to regularly engage with your audiences on your platforms. Engage or Be Forgotten […]

  2. […] A third aspect of a good SEO strategy is posting content regularly. Google visits webpages to every so often to see if there is updated content. The more you update and post new content, the sooner Google will visit. You want Google to visit your website regularly because active websites earn a higher Google ranking. […]

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