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April 11, 2018

Keys to Effective Advertising

Learning to use your advertising dollars effectively is the difference between success and failure. To be effective in advertising consider the 4 most important aspects.

Having an effective message throughout your advertising is one of the key elements to drive results but not the only one to consider.


Make sure your message is clearly communicated in your advertising and it relates to your goal. Remember that your goal may be something other than a direct sale but instead gaining new followers or getting feedback from your audience about a product launch. Micro vs Macro Conversions Is your message clear and concise? Is there a strong call to action that relates to a logical or emotional argument? Be sure that the text and images of your ad are related to not confuse your audience.


Is your ad well laid out? The formatting of your ad space is key. If text overlayed on images is difficult to read, too small or too large it can be a major turn off and its likely many will simply skip over your ad. Be clear and present your message in a visually appealing and intriguing way.

Do you have a specific type of person in mind as your customer? Single, Married, Young or Mature.


Who is your target audience? Have you identified your perfect user and are you communicating in a way that they will understand? Are they millennials, baby boomers, east or west coast, college educated, white or blue collar? Have you created a customer profile so you can speak clearly with them?


Every platform is different. At Reanimate Web we specialize in search, social, email and content marketing. Your business may use other mediums such as print, billboards and radio. Each platform and medium is different so it must be treated differently. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, have different users and demographics. The average user of Facebook is not looking to purchase a product but this is a great way to promote your brand and build a following on your page. Other mediums such as online search can be more effective since users are looking for specific information or products. It's important to remember that in online selling as with personal selling trust is key. Do all you can to keep your brand's image high and consistent. Don't forget to regularly engage with your audiences on your platforms. Engage or Be Forgotten

Plan Then Implement

Preparation will always help your marketing be more effective. Outline each of the elements above to make sure that all aspects align before beginning to spend money. Make sure that each element of your marketing is helping your audience to become your customers one step at a time. Remember to create Purpose Driven Marketing,


If you are unsure about where to begin  It can be helpful to get insights and feedback for your unique situation and business from a marketing agency. Reanimate Web has a call or chat service where you can talk it through with a member of our staff. Request a Call about Marketing

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