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April 11, 2018

Purpose Driven Marketing

Marketing Towards a Goal

If you are a business owner you have surely faced this issue. In order to increase sales and drive revenue, you need effective advertising. It's likely you have tried many different strategies and wasted a lot of money in campaign creation and useless spend. One thing you are likely missing in your campaigns is a clear purpose and goal which all effort points to.

This may seem like a new concept but many businesses struggle to clearly define the actions they want people to take, be it on their website or social media profiles. Views are great but if your following never takes action you will quickly find yourself out of money and looking for yet another solution.

Is your marketing campaign's goal clearly defined and your effort focused in that direction?

Clear Purpose or Goal

Before you start a campaign it's important to closely align your overall strategy in order to achieve a single result. Depending on your goal there may be multiple steps in creating conversion for your audience. With this in mind does each part of your marketing strategy move your audience closer to that goal? Micro vs Macro Conversions - Use Both to Market Effectively

If your goal is product sales you may be disappointed to see that your attempts to sell directly are not producing results. Instead of going for broke and trying to sell to a group unfamiliar with your company, products, and services it may be wise to first introduce yourself and build their trust and confidence in you. It's important to establish trust in sales and confidence that your product is able to solve their pain-point.


Selling to a Warm Audience

A great way to increase sales and conversions is to build a warm audience. This is usually done by providing value to your audience without trying to directly sell to them... Yet! Once your audience is closely following your posts and content it will be much easier to convince them to become your customer. A great way to do this is to create an email or social media marketing campaign to communicate to your following. If you are unsure about where to start reach out to a marketing company and request a consultation or quote to begin to build your warm audience.

This is a key component of a successful marketing campaign so it is important to start early and to remain diligent in communicating once you have acquired your new and growing audience.




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  1. […] In marketing, it can be discouraging to begin a new campaign and not see many new sales. It can take a few weeks to begin to turn your new traffic into a well-oiled sales machine but with tweaks and a solid marketing plan you can start to see the same results of some of the more successful campaigns in your industry. The key is their focus first on micro conversions. If your mind remains focused on these first you can later leverage your impressive lists to generate leads and sales. Make sure your Micro conversions push clients towards your campaigns goal using Purpose Driven Marketing […]

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