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April 12, 2018

Endure Like the Tortoise BUT Run Like the Hare

The Tortoise and The Hare

There once was a race between a turtle and a rabbit. The foot race would be over many miles. The rabbit was sure he would win because of his great speed. The turtle, however, was somehow confident he could beat the rabbit. The day of the race came and a crowd assembled to view the results of the challenge. Both runners took their marks and the shot was fired. As the rabbit disappeared in the distance the turtle was left in a cloud of dust. After a few miles, the rabbit looked behind himself. Seeing no one around and confident the turtle would never catch up he decided to take a nap under a nearby shady tree.

Sometime later he could hear yelling in the distance which woke him. As he got back to the road he could see far away near the finish line the turtle closing in on his goal. The rabbit ran as fast as he could but as he rounded the final bend towards the finish line the turtle crossed the line. The rabbit had lost to the turtle who he was sure he could easily beat.

Keep Putting Effort Towards Your Business

In many was we are like the rabbit. We are quick to start a project and for a time committed to a large amount of effort. But when we get tired or bored we may find it easier to take a nap or wait. It's in these times that we lose our advantages to those who are more committed and consistent in their efforts. Such a simple story does have clear parallels with marketing.

At Reanimate Web we have seen many clients who failed to maintain consistency in their personal marketing efforts. Despite good beginnings to their website, blog or social media profiles they quickly lose steam and the frequency of posts declines then it can be months or years between additional content. It's at this time that the effectiveness of their tools diminishes to the point where effort must almost be applied from the beginning.


It can be hard to create new and engaging content, to post regularly to social media and to engage with your following through messaging and comment threads. You may feel tired of seeing limited initial results or exhausted at racking your brain for new content ideas to begin your next blog article. You would not be the first person to experience this feeling. However it is those that continue and push forward that become successful in the content and social media marketing arenas. Don't get discouraged by a lack of immediate results instead build and plan your campaign using Micro and Macro Conversions.

Share the Responsibilities

If you are having trouble keeping up a regular posting schedule it may be important to break up the task between yourself and others be it an employee or partner. Try to work together to create new ideas you would not have been able to find alone. Instead of letting the quality of your content slip have others check and hold you accountable by providing feedback and helping to revise and make changes.

If you are still struggling to come up with new ideas or want help designing layouts or graphics you can always reach out to us about our services. Request some information here: Contact Us


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