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July 3, 2018

Successful Content Marketing Trends


“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Andrew Davis

Overall, marketing has increasingly shifted from traditional platforms to the digital avenue. Importantly, marketing has changed the type of content that audiences are now exposed to. Content marketing is essential in order to attract consumers and produce income. Blogs, infographics, informational videos, etc. can now be shared on social media. A digital presence is crucial for every growing business.

Here are 5 important trends to help your growing business succeed:

1.     Strategic Content Marketing

Although creating quality content is important, it is not the real trick of the trade. It is important to get in the habit of creating a sound strategy behind the content. Today, experts have expressed the importance of having a written document of your strategy. Make sure your strategy highlights the key points of every organization.

2.     Microblogging

Blogging has grown greatly over the years. But, the most recent progress in this field has been the rise of Microblogging. Consumers are more attracted to visual content that is shared with small written content. As a result, websites, like Instagram and Snapchat, have gained more popularity with users. To grab your consumers attention, try using attractive pictures or videos. Overall, a consumer will be more likely to read the content given if there are visuals.

3.     The Love For Quality Content

In the past decade, user awareness has reached new levels. Consumers can identify quality content used for marketing purposes. Because of this, unscripted content better connects with the audience. As a result, vloggers and bloggers are more successful because they are reaching the audience on a higher level.

4.     User Stories and Influencer Marketing

“Make the consumer the hero of the story.” This fancy one-liner is the core value around marketing efforts used today. Because marketing is so competitive, consumers are more influenced by a user they trust. For the most part, consumers can no longer make purchase decisions based on price or brand name alone. Social media influencers, such as Youtube stars, play a huge role in what our consumers purchase.

5.     Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Both visual and reality content is attracting users. Virtual reality content should generate hype for products and services. Artificial intelligence is centered around the understanding of user perceptions and behaviors. In turn, it is providing quality content and products.

In summary, content marketing is important for every marketing strategy and organization. Investing in quality content creation should be a top priority for every growing business and it will attract a large chunk of potential consumers.

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