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October 16, 2018

Biggest Challenges for Marketers in 2018

If you have doubts or concerns with your marketing strategy or direction, you are not alone. Managing time, strategy, credibility, and content creation are some of the biggest challenges for marketers all over the world. In this article, we will explore some of the top concerns in the marketing sphere and learn how to make marketing more effective.

ClearVoice survey "Biggest Challenge" Ranked by Mentions:

  1. Time
  2. Content Quality / Content
  3. Scaling Content
  4. Idea Generation
  5. Talent
  6. Distribution
  7. Strategy

Time - Organizing Your Approach

Having a clear workflow can help your team stay organized and focused. Having a consolidated task list will let you see where the team is at and monitor progress.


Disorganization can lead to other problems within an organization. Too many goals or disproportionate goals can lead to a time crunch and stress within your team. By creating a structure, it becomes easier to manage content creation and to have better ideas. Time and organization are two related concepts.

Find an effective tool to manage your team's tasks.

Trello - Task Management Software for Teams

If you have a smaller team, Trello provides a free solution with the option to upgrade to use additional features.

Try Trello for Free

Monday.com - Task Management Software and More

Want to have a better idea of who is doing what and where the holdup is? Monday.com can help your team to streamline workflows and get more done.

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For more tips about making your time more effective check out: Making Your Time More Effective

Quality Content

It can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas. Even when you have ideas, it can be difficult to format them into an effective copy and advertisements. For many, it can be difficult to tap into their creative side.

Things to consider:

Genuine Content

Would you want to read your own content? Make your content engaging and more than just an advertisement for your services. If you are helping people to find solutions or entertaining them you are on the right track.

If you are struggling with creating new topics, send us a message. We can help provide some ideas and brainstorm with you. Check out these tips: Content Ideas for Any Business

Helpful Visuals

Visuals help readers to more easily interpret and receive the information. Spend time picking great photos and creating infographics. The brain can process images almost 60 times faster than text; making them massively more effective at conveying information.


What gives you your authority? For me personally, it's over a decade of study and practice, building up multiple businesses, and the time I have spent with entrepreneurs and mentors. When communicating with your audience, be sure to make your credentials clear by showing them accurate and helpful information. Show don't tell.


Does your interest in the topic show through in the content you are producing? If not, take some time to remember why you were first interested and try to regain that spark. Through your passion, you will be more able to assist others with their issues.


There are several channels to distribute your content on. Instead of trying to become master of all, choose the ones that are most relevant to your audience. Depending on the type of media you are using, some platforms may be less of a fit than others. Play to your strengths until you have the time and budget to deploy on additional channels.

Facebook and Instagram are great for brands; especially if you are content and image heavy. LinkedIn can be effective if you are trying to reach a more professional audience. With Google Ads, you can target people as they are looking to take action. Each platform requires a slightly different approach.



Creating quality marketing aka great content means working effectively with your team. Make sure your passion shows through in what you are creating and put the customer first. We are currently in a golden age of marketing thanks to the internet with some investment of time and money you can see incredible results.


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