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November 2, 2018

Effectively Structuring Internal Links Within Your Website

Internal links help users to navigate your sites content.sites presence on search engines.
Quality links from outside sources will improve the SEO scores of your sites. Having shareable content will help build these back links. Additionally spending the time linking your content together within your site can improve relevancy for your targeted keywords.

SEO Strategy involves hundreds of elements, including the way that your site is structured. When choosing how to use internal links its important to consider what content is most important and the goal for site users. Having a clear flow within your site's pages will make it easier for users to find the information they seek. Your layout should help group your content together. This helps search engines know what is the most important and how your content is related.

By designing for both users and search engines, you will see lower bounce rates and higher search rankings. When designing your website, SEO strategy should be considered first. If there are problems, it is important to quickly fix them so that SEO scores can improve.

Internal links help users to navigate through your website to important goals. If you have dead end content redesign to direct users to key content.

Structure your content to link around your cornerstone content. Internal links can help move people from blog based content towards your sites goals such as sales or leads.

Structuring Internal Links - Using A-B-C SEO

  • Type A cornerstone articles serve as a chapter heading/table of contents
  • Type B content, such as articles, videos, and FAQ sections
  • Type C content (subpages) further defines key terms and concepts for your users

It will be easier for your readers to follow and find information if you have a clear flow and structure to each section of your website. Having a clear structure between different topics and categories will help Google and other search engines to identify patterns in the layout of your content.

Structured Data

Having your data structures and layouts are consistent makes it much easier to rank for SEO terms. For more information, check out: Why Does Structured Data Matter For SEO Rankings

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