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November 2, 2018

Use These Words to Trigger More Engagement

The right words have the power to inspire people to take action

It's done.

You've finally published your latest blog post.

You've put all your time and effort into this blog.

But, nobody takes the time to read it.

Without an audience, you have failed. -

How do you get viewers to read your content?

You have to use the right words.

The value of your content is what ultimately matters. The right words will always nudge, push and compel people to take the right action.

As Mark Twain once said,

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Here is a list of some of the top trigger words that will bring the lightning:

1. Free

"Free" is far more effective than, "almost free"

We like free stuff. People are willing to put in more effort when there is no money spending involved. By including "free" in your blog posts, emails, social media posts, etc. you will appeal to a lot more people.

Example: Get 5 Free tips to Improve Your Website Overnight

2. "You"

The word "you" makes things more personal and is a great way of increasing audience engagement. If you want your readers to feel like they're being talked "to" instead of "at", make things more conversational.

The best way to have a conversation is face to face, so write your content like you're standing across the reader and having a conversation.

Example: You Can Accomplish Something Each Day

3. Because

"Because" suggests a solution and creates a positive equation in the reader's mind.

If you give people a strong enough reason to take action, then they will take action.

Example: Don't Quit Because There is Hope

Stop what you're doing and take action

4. Stop

The word "stop" makes you come to a halt, either physically or mentally. You can't force readers to buy your product or reply to your email, but you can grab their attention.

As expert John Benson said, the word "stop" is a "snap suggestion": something that breaks your audience's train of thought and stops them in their tracks.

Example: Stop With the Common Excuses and Take Action 

5. Imagine

Is it really possible?

Captivate your readers to reduce the bounce rate. The word "imagine" shows readers that they can achieve their goals.

You can create content that makes people imagine, even if you didn't use the word "imagine"

Example: Imagine if You Were This Rich

6. Today

"Today" also means "instantly" but feels more realistic

Nothing can happen instantly, but achieving something "today" could happen.

It is much more attractive to get results today than to see them in several days.

Example: Get your free website estimate today!

7. Easy

We all want to take the easiest route. Remember that your readers are looking for simple ideas that are not time-consuming.

The easier your content is, the more likely it will get viewed.

Example: 5 Easy Steps To Developing Your Social Media Marketing

8. "If"

“If is such a small word, but it’s so powerful.” – Mark Batterson

The word "if" creates a desire for different possibilities and outcomes.

What if your costumers choose to read your content- what will they gain from it?

Example: You Will Be a Successful Entrepreneur If You Prepare For These Things

9. Yes

No one likes being told "no".

"Yes" opens up a possibility- but "no" closes it down.

It opens a positive atmosphere and signifies an affirmation.

Example: Yes, You Can Increase Your Email Open Rates

Born to Win

10. Win

Everyone wants to be a winner. Whether you want to win a race or the lottery, you want to come out on top.

If you can help your readers "win", they will be more persuaded to open your content.

Example: Win Loyal Customers For Your Business


Words have power. If you are using the right words, then you will have a bigger audience. Use the trigger words above in your content in order to attract more attention from your audience.

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