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April 5, 2019

Video Marketing: 3 Tips for Creating Fabulous Content

Many sales funnels lack quality, and this negatively affects the conversion rates and ROI. If you are looking for ways to improve your sales page, consider adding video content. Video marketing has proven to be an effective tool in boosting sales and conversions.

Video Marketing Communicates Your Message Clearly and Concisely

Unlike other forms of media, video has the benefits of both word and image to help convey meaning. Writing can be confusing to a reader at times, but images can help your audience clarify abstract points and concepts. Another downside to written content is that lengthy content can lose the focus of your reader. To help with this, consider adding video marketing by combining written content with an explainer or opener video.

The Power of Video Marketing

Videos are fantastic for boosting engagement. They can also have an amazing impact on your customers by making your brand seem more professional and higher quality. As soon as a video starts playing, most of us will instantly be engaged and find it hard to stop watching. Videos have a way of grabbing our attention that words and images just can’t match.

This is especially true if your video has a professional touch in its editing and filming. If your video looks like it was made by a professional team, then this will inspire instant trust and the assumption that your product also has a similar level of detail and effort applied. Good video marketing can make all the difference in your clients' and potential clients' perception of you.

How to Make High-Quality Video

So how do you make a high-quality video that will reflect well on your organization?
The first tip is to rent or invest in a high-quality camera. Find a camera that can record at 1080p and 30 fps as a minimum qualification. Additionally, take the time to prepare the scene by evaluating the lighting and making adjustments the best you can. Good lighting can brighten up video footage and make it look a lot more professional.

The same goes for audio use an additional input source other than your camera and take a sample of the room while quiet for removing background noise in post-production.

Try to speak slowly and clearly, dress clean and think about your background. Add your logo and branding to the opening or close of your video to mark it as your own.

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