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September 14, 2019

Why Marketing Your Business Will Be the Best Thing You Ever Do

If you are not marketing your business, it has no way to get consistent and predictable leads and customers. In tough times only businesses that can keep a steady flow of clients will be able to survive and succeed. Now is a great time to develop those systems and we can help.

Business Owner's Story

carpet cleaning supplies in van for a story that illustrates the importance of marketing your business

There was a small business owner named Phil who had a carpet cleaning business. He had owned and worked the business for many years and recently had been able to hire his son-in-law during the summers. However going into fall his business did not have enough business clients since some of their restaurant clients no longer required such a frequent cleaning outside of the busy summer months.

Phil was concerned and began to think about his problem and solutions. He considered first referrals. He had several repeat clients who had great reviews for him. Phil did his service great as usual and asked each client for contacts they could recommend him to. Unfortunately, this only resulted in two new smaller clients.

Phil needed to try something else. First he tried doing a flyer. He went to a print shop and made hundreds of copies and put them up all over town. However in a few weeks the rain had destroyed all of them and his phone did not ring.

Next Phil tried to advertise online but his efforts only resulted in hundreds of dollars of wasted ad-spend with nothing to show for it. Phil was starting to be discouraged. What could he do to keep his business going?

He hired a web marketing company. They were able to help him to fix his website by building one with a single goal in mind: To help him find more customers. In a few weeks the website was live and an ad campaign was started. After a bit of testing the first leads and phone calls started. Phil booked his first carpet cleaning! The next morning there were five more leads and three turned into new clients. After a few weeks Phil had to turn down the advertising for a bit while he trained his new secretary and hired his son-in-law full time to run his recently purchased second truck. Moral of the story? Marketing your business will change everything.

You Need a Marketing Company for Marketing Your Business

As a business owner, there are so many things on your plate. Maybe marketing your business can't be one of them right now. Managing employees and keeping the high standards of your products and services takes center stage. When work is plentiful times are good, but without the skills and expertise of a full-time marketing agency there will always be ups and downs. Put marketing your business into the hands of an agency, and see results.

If you would like to explore options for your service company or other business then reach out via our website and we can help your business to reach its goals.

4 Things a Marketing Company Can Do For You

There are many services marketing companies offer. Here are a few of the most common ones and how they'll help your company with marketing your business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting more people to visit your website. Specifically, getting traffic through organic search (people typing words into Google, Bing, etc.) is what SEO is all about when marketing your business. A marketing company can help you bring more of this traffic to your website.

Web Design

But maybe you don't have a website for people to visit in the first place! Or you do, but it's time for a new look. An effective website connects you to your customers and makes your business look more professional. A web design team can build beautiful websites that offer an enjoyable experience for your customers or clients.

Logo and Media Design

Having a visual associated with your brand is everything. If you're not artistic, this is a perfect time to reach out to a marketing company. Having a good logo and other well-designed media is key in marketing your business.

Paid Advertising

Paying for advertising may be something you're already doing. However, a marketing company can run a type of digital advertising called "Pay Per Click Advertising." They can get your ads and content out where the right people will see it, and help you get the most out of your money.

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