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April 19, 2021

Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing. Insert Copywriting!

You spend countless hours making great content for your blog and social media content marketing. You make sure all the headings look good and the paragraphs are spaced well. Your images are well edited and you play the social media game following other people and engaging with their content. But day after day ends with you frustrated. None of the effort you have put in has produced results.

What is missing from your content that would make it more effective? Its simple really you need to be sure to include the other half of marketing which is copywriting. There are two types of content that are produced by marketing teams each have different goals but they are related. The first is content marketing and then there is copywriting.

Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract attention and prospects.

Copywriting gets a reader to take a specific action.

Content marketing includes things such as your blog, video, podcasts, and emails. Copywriting is your landing pages and ad text. They are not the same thing but effective content will include elements of copywriting. First, you provide value then you convince your audience to take some action. In most cases that is to contact you for your services or buy your product.

Make an Ask In Your Content!

In every piece of content, there should be some overall goal. Some typical goals are to get them to subscribe to more of your content, view a presentation from your company or reach out for more information. Is your content setting you up as an expert? If you are trying to sell a product or service your audience needs to be both interested in what you are offering and convinced that you are able to provide results.

If you are trying to get someone to view a sales presentation have you removed barriers and dealt with objections? Make sure that it is easy to get started in your sales cycle. Is there a convenient contact form or email subscribe button? Make sure you have provided enough value in your free content to make them curious about additional services you can offer. Then make it clear that you only want to present and if you are not a good fit then there is no obligation to proceed.

How to Monetize Your Content

When you are creating great content within your niche people will find it. After they are impressed with the quality of content and solutions to their problems they won't have to be convinced, instead they will need to be invited. Don't be "salesy" because with a great content marketing strategy you can instead assume the role of customer service and buyers assistant. They will already have decided they want your product and you can be confident you would provide a great solution.

This makes your job much easier and a lot more comfortable.

Key to Great Sales is Great Content Marketing

The key to content marketing

Marketing is how you will find and qualify people who are interested in your products and services. From there it is a relatively simple process of assisting the buyer with the final steps of becoming your customer. When you are confident that your product will help the buyer and they have already been qualified you don't have to be pushy or manipulative.

An investment in marketing will pay dividends for years to come and will help you to get the customers your business needs.


Make great content that will appeal to your audience and give them value. Use effective advertising copy within your content to drive action. By qualifying your audience using your content marketing strategy it will simplify the sales process.

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