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April 22, 2021

The Best Way to Generate Seller Leads Online in 2021

It doesn't take long of being a Real Estate agent before you learn that seller leads are the best way to make the most profit with the amount time you will spend working. They are also significantly harder to land than a buyer lead. So, you ask yourself the million dollar question. How do you compete with the 1000 plus other Real Estate agents in your area for the limited seller leads online?

Make no mistake the right answer to this question, can quit literally mean a million dollars. The answer, is building your online presence so that when people think its time to sell their home, your the person they will be thinking of. Below you will read 10 easy steps to run your digital marketing campaign

Build your own "seller leads" generating website

When you look at other guides on how to find seller leads online, rarely will you see this on their list. That's because they don't understand the value that can come from you having a website dedicated to generating leads that are specific to only you.

This is why it is the first step in building your online presence. Your website can have many functions, but you will want to focus on generating seller leads. (As established this is where you will really make your money.) So, it is important to keep that in mind while building your website.

Here are some ideas of things you can put on your site to target people who are selling their home.

  • Home valuation landing pages.
  • Home value increaser.
  • Blog content for home sellers.
  • Information on how to sell your own home. (Many people who plan on selling their own homes, end up getting a realtor in the end, but be careful not to convert your leads to personal home selling.)

Building a good lead generating website is no easy task. It needs to be a high quality and content heavy website so that people who are trying to sell their home can trust you when you go to contact them. If you need someone to do your web build for you or have any questions give us an ask here.

Be a part of your community with social media

I know what you're thinking: "Social media is dead." You have probably already experienced the pain and suffering that comes when trying to make a presence in any social media network. It is easy to get lost in the wave of content that is produced on social media, but don't loose hope yet!

Social Media is still a valuable tool for finding good seller leads online in the hands of any Real Estate agent that knows how to use it correctly. If your idea of using social media is trying to sell to random people through networks like Facebook and Instagram, then it is no wonder you haven't found any success.

Instead, think of Social Media as opportunity to make your presence known as a home buying and selling expert and even as just a good member of the community. Join community pages for your licensed areas. There are thousands of pages on Facebook that you can access and participate in, so that when its time for someone to sell their home, you are the #1 person in mind.

Another use for social media is networking with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for all professional experts. If you have made your LinkedIn profile yet, make one ASAP and start networking with those in your community by posting useful home selling and buying content in order to generate seller leads online.

Create blog content specific to sellers in your are area

Blog content is your key to being seen as the Real Estate expert in your area. People these days search and look for any information that is helpful to them on any topic. (Think about how you might have found this article.) This is especially true for people who are selling their homes. Someone who is about to make one of the biggest sales in their life are not going to leave anything to chance!

If they are thinking about selling or looking for someone to help them sell their home, they will be looking for advice online. This is a great opportunity for you to find seller leads online!

Wouldn't it be great if you were the one to give them that advice? That is exactly what you are going to do. Think of some common questions that home sellers have like, "How do I pick the best realtor?" "How can I increase the value of my home?" make a list of these common questions and start writing content that you can post on your website and on social media to answer these questions. Invite your readers to ask and message you directly throughout the article.

If you need help with some content message us here, we can help!

Time to generate leads

These methods may seem like they are a lot of work, and that is because they are. But if done right they will generate consistent and lower funnel seller leads online that are unique to you. Each and every one of these online seller leads can be worth thousands of dollars. So, don't be intimidated by the task ahead it is time to start generating your own seller leads online.

Every area and agent is unique. Some laws for Real Estate agents in your area may prevent you from building your own personal website and limit the content that your produce. If you want help navigating your marketing efforts sign up for a free consultation below.

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